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This demands a special attention to personnel training. Their training is realized through updated programs of developed countries in this direction and is also based in personal experience of specialists in our company. One of the most basic training criteria is to make training as close as possible to true life situation that specialists of executive protection and other staff might meet in their activity.


Theoretical Preparing

The staff is prepared to theoretical knowledge of all elements of its activity. Clarification of the personnel from the theoretical point of view enables the realization of all practical duties by being fully conscious of what they are doing. Part of the theoretical training is to have full command of the related legislation to their activity and dutie

Psychological Preparing

Psychological training is a basic necessity for personnel training. The “Alsig” concept is that psychological training is achieved through training under extremely difficult condition. This enables the personnel facing all kind of situation they might meet in their daily activity. For this reason there are being performed contemporary and high standard exercises.

Tactical Training

Specialists of executive protection make use of the close protection tactics which are part of their main elements of preparation. Through use of close protection formation and tactics, the possibility of attacks against the VIP person, is reduced to the minimum.

This consists in:

  • Formations
  • Protection of VIP
  • Reaction and evacuation
  • Evasive driving and Offensive driving

Special Operation Training

An important aspect of training is also the training on special operation tactics, which consists in:

  • Object approaching tactics
  • Movements in halls, stairs and clearing them
  • Fighting inside the buildings
  • Room enter
  • Room cleaning
  • Tactics for hostage rescue in buildings, buses, cars ecc.

Firearms training

The main concept in firearms training is that executive protection specialist to be able to counteract against the aggressor in the shortest possible time and in the most suitable and precise way aiming at neutralization of the aggressor activity.

Training consists in:

  • Shooting by VIP protection
  • Shooting with vertical and horizontal movements
  • Shooting with evacuation
  • Shooting from cars

Self-defense Training

Training and preparation for self-defense generally serve at neutralization the close attacks toward VIP person. Most part of the staff are well trained, and they are sports and martial arts champions. 

Anti -Explosive Training

The “Alsig” staff and the institutions staff that are under our responsibility in terms of security, are frequently trained on the explosive knowledge, preventive forms and methods for their individuation, control, places on buildings, offices ,movable and immovable objects. This training is performed by the best Albanian specialist on this field that in the same time are part of “Alsig” company.

Climbing Trainig

Climbing preparation is not considered simply as a sport, but as an additional possibility for VIP evacuation in difficult situation. Specialists of executive protection learn personal and collective loops used in rappelling, descending and passing of difficult different obstacles.

First Aid Training

Another necessary element in preparation for the “Alsig” staff, is to know how to offer the first aid. The personnel are trained to offer the first aid in case of fainting, fractures and in case of bleed, due to different wounds.