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“Alibalogosig” company in collaboration with IBA (International Bodyguard Association) the largest worldwide organization for bodyguard training; have founded in Albania the “IBA-ALBANIA”, adding Albania in the IBA worldwide presence. With this approach “Alsig” brings the the most prestigious experience of bodyguard service in Albania.


IBA is an international non government organization founded in Paris in 1957 and is the world largest and oldest organization for bodyguard being the principal world bodyguard training organization. It has a worldwide extension. Primary objective of this organization is to train government officers, security employee and others in high class regarding bodyguard protection techniques.

Training courses in Albania

IBA-ALBANIA has organized very successful training courses for bodyguard especially in “MASTERCLASS” and “DART” level, which had a potent impact on media and public opinion.

Every IBA course is autentified by a diploma issued from the General Director with legal seal of International Bodyguard Association. 

You can obtain the BTEC level 3 certificate which is necessary to register and obtain the SIA license. If you posses a SIA license, you can work in every field of British security industry. 

Also the SIA license can be used within the European Union as training prove Each person that finished the IBA courses becomes IBA member.