Transport of monetary values

In order to fulfill the range of services in protection and security, “Alsig” performs in close collaboration with “Trans -Security”, a company part of “Alsig” Group, the close watch of monetary values and precious articles during their transportation.

“Trans – Security” is equipped with the C category license, issued by the General Directorate of Police Forces in the Ministry of Public Order. Company and Close Watch transportation of Monetary Values during their transport is a service mainly dedicated to banks and financial institution and consists in:

  • Analysis of movement and estimation of danger level
  • Organization of services in transportation with armored means
  • Organization of the services by “Alsig” Intervention Group

The service quality in ensured by armored means of transport, which meet all the necessary technical parameters, a well as by the preparation of the escort capable to face all unexpected situations. The escort is equipped with all necessary means of defense and neutralization of potential threats as well as all radio communication system with its Operational Centre having the necessary support by “Alsig” Intervention Group.