Anti-explosive service

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Having as a main target to be on top, elite, in the security service, ALSIG Company recently offers the Anti-explosive service founding the Anti-explosive Unit, the very first in the private security services. This Unit is composed by the best specialists on the field in Albania being head and members of the Anti-explosive Unit of the Albanian State Police with an extended work experience and being trained in several countries like U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Macedonia ecc.

According to worldwide experience, is clearly seen that the terrorist activities are mainly based on explosive actions. Obviously this experience might be reflected over our country, as there have been fragmented cases. Referring to the State Police statistics, is noted that the explosive actions during last years are increasing more and more, having diversity involvement targeting the business. This mostly because of the competition, but also including issues regarding criminal, maniac and mental diseased persons.

Due to these facts, we think that the creation of this service became a necessity. Until now, this kind of service is performed by the State Police. 

Why this offered service is competitive:

  • Privacy preserved especially from the media, where an eventual report can seriously damage the costumers image.
  • Faster reaction than the state Police.
  • A service that can be called in every moment and for every issue.
  • Is offered as a permanent service.
  • The normal activity is far from being blocked up, especially from suspected objects or threat phone calls.
  • The investigation proceedings of the suspected object finish faster in terms of time.
  • Defines concrete anti-explosive measurements in accordance with the object performances.
  • Performs the personnel training regarding the anti-explosive rules and measurements.

Also ALSIG offers:

  • Anti-Explosive Service for Airports
  • Anti-Explosive Service for Banks
  • Anti-Explosive Service for Embassies
  • Anti-Explosive Service for Hotels