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President and Technical Director of the Company

Mr. Henrik Elmazaj

Education: Military Academy of Infantry Forces/Tirana

Working Experience: For 6 years in Army Special Unit.
Member of Antiterrorist Unit RENEA of Interior Ministry.
From 1995-97 Commander of RENEA.
From 1997-2000 Chief of Special Forces in Interior Ministry.


United States:

SD Advanced Physical Security Training Program" - Georgia
Vital Facility Security Force" - Department of State
Counter Terrorism Tactics for Special Teams"-U.S. Government


Case studies of acts on unlawful interference"-E.U.Civil Aviation


The fight Against Terrorism"- General Directorate of Police


Special Forces" -Romanian Special Forces

Decoration: Two times from the Albanian President of Republic.

Rank: Colonel

Director of Marketing Department

Mr. Nereid Shehu

Director of Marketing & Sales

Responsible for the Quality standards of the Company

Education: (MSc.) Master of Science in PR & Communication

Working Experience:
1994 General Representative of Italian Company "A di Miatto"
1995 Delegate Administrator of Italian-Albanian Company "Legnovivo"
1996 Delegate Administrator of the Italian Company "Rodal"
2001 Director for Foreign Relation of "Gejms& Co." Company
2003 General Representative of "Shpresa" Company

Director of Special Services Department

Mr. Thimi Prifti
Education: Military Academy Tirana
Working Experience: 1972-2006 Ministry of Public Order Anti-explosive Unit
Chief of Anti-Explosive Unit of Special Forces RENEA


"Post Blast Investigation" - Louisiana


"A-Bomb Protection" - Ljubiana


"Post Blast Investigation"


"Ammunition Blasting".


"Explosive Composition"


"Training Course for Instructor" Criminal German Police.
Decoration: From the President of Albanian Republic
Rank: Major

Director of Human Resources Department

Mr. Niko Shqina
Education: Interior Ministry University (Police Branch)
Working Experience: 1976-1985 Head Quarter of Police Station Tropojë.
1985-1990 Head Quarter of Police Station Elbasan.
1990-1991 Head Quarter of Police Station Durrës.
1991-2000 Head Quarter of Police Station Fier. Lieutenant/Colonel
2000-2002 Head Quarter of Police Station Vlorë. Commissar
2002-2008 Interior Ministry Tiranë.. Chief Commisar

"9 month training about “Crime in Economy"

1999 Egypt:

"War against terrorist acts"

2000- U.S.A. :

"Explosive Devices"
Decoration: Two times medalion "For Preserving Social Order"
Rank: Colonel / Chief Commissar

Director of Service Department

Mr.Jonuz Mahmutaj
Education: Military Academy Tirana
Working Experience: Functional services for Albanian Army
1983-1993 Battalion Commander of Albanian Army
Decoration: From the Albanian Parliament in 1984
Rank: Captain

Director of Counter Fire Department

Mr. Qemal Stafa

Education: Police Academy

Working Experience:

Chief of Counter Fire  in Korca Armed Forces Brigade  1975-1977

Chief of Counter Fire  in Tirana Armed Forces Brigade  -1977-1996

Chief of Counter Fire  of Military Police Tirana 1998-2000

Counter Fire  Inspector  of Military Police Head Quarter 2000-2001

Chief of Counter Fire  of Military Police Tirana 2001-2005


Italian Experts  1998

Me German Experts  1999

American Experts 2000

Decoration: Military Service Order  1987

Scientific  Publications: Autor of Albanian Armed Forces Counter Fire Manual

 Rank: Major

Director of Training Department

Mr. Bashkim Likaj
Education: High Institute for Physical Culture/Tiranë
Working Experience: 1975 Instructor of United Officer School.
1980 Coach of Classic Wrestling “Partizani” team.
1987 Cathedra in Chief of Physical preparation in Military Academy
1997 Specialist of Physical education at Head Quarter/ Military Forces.
Commission Member in the Albanian Olympic Commitee
Member of Sports Executive Commission in military Forces.
Five times „National Champion“ of Classic Wrestling

10 years Coach of National team of Wrestling
Decoration Parliament:
"Naim Frasheri" Medalion
"Naim Frasheri" Order , "Naim Frasheri" second class Order, "Red Star" Order
"Master of Sports" & "Gold Medalion" for particular merits in sport.Tirana Municipality: "Prominent of Tirana City"
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel