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President and Technical Director of the Company

Mr. Henrik Elmazaj

Education: Military Academy of Infantry Forces/Tirana

Working Experience: For 6 years in Army Special Unit.
Member of Antiterrorist Unit RENEA of Interior Ministry.
From 1995-97 Commander of RENEA.
From 1997-2000 Chief of Special Forces in Interior Ministry.


United States:

SD Advanced Physical Security Training Program" - Georgia
Vital Facility Security Force" - Department of State
Counter Terrorism Tactics for Special Teams"-U.S. Government


Case studies of acts on unlawful interference"-E.U.Civil Aviation


The fight Against Terrorism"- General Directorate of Police


Special Forces" -Romanian Special Forces

Decoration: Two times from the Albanian President of Republic.

Rank: Colonel

Director of Marketing Department

Mr. Nereid Shehu

Director of Marketing & Sales

Responsible for the Quality standards of the Company

Education: (MSc.) Master of Science in PR & Communication

Working Experience:
1994 General Representative of Italian Company "A di Miatto"
1995 Delegate Administrator of Italian-Albanian Company "Legnovivo"
1996 Delegate Administrator of the Italian Company "Rodal"
2001 Director for Foreign Relation of "Gejms& Co." Company
2003 General Representative of "Shpresa" Company

Director of Special Services Department
Director of Human Resources Department
Director of Service Department
Director of Counter Fire Department
Director of Training Department