Executive and VIP close protection service

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Albania is included in the high speed global transformation and is open towards positive and optimistic realities, but even to painful; and frightening ones. Today, terrorism, kidnapping, life and property threatening and moral offence are companions of every day life and activity. Executive Protection of individual personality, dignity, moral and public property as well as their life is realized through:

  • Professional organization of services.
  • Equipment with necessary means and techniques to face different situations.
  • Staff professional preparation.
  • Application of contemporary concepts of the service.

“Alsig” offers secure and professional protection to its clients, through well-selected staff, chosen very carefully following predefined criteria on professional formation, moral figure, and intellectual level physical preparation. All personnel that perform the service are equipped with basic university education army/police training. After selection the personnel undergo an eight-week period of intensive training as well as other periodical training sessions.

“Alsig” offers protection to enterprise leaders, Albanian and foreigners, public personalities in art, science, sports and to everybody ho find themselves threatened from physical and moral attacks. All services are suited to client’s necessities by offering a higher importance to the evaluation of real risk, environmental of activity and operations as well as its behavior.