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Dear ladies and gentleman!

ALSIG Company was found in 2001 upon decision of Tirana District Court. Since that time and now, Alsig is making efforts to maintain his top position in the security field in Albania, through introducing new concepts and growing the quality of its services. Alsig offers a wide range of products implementing contemporary concepts and methods.

In the Object’s Physical Security service, Alsig Company has, for the first time, introduced the new method for Albania, including to the guard’s cost service, the installation of cameras and alarm systems. Also Alsig is one of the few companies in Albania that applies the objects protection service through Alarm System, Operating Centre and Reaction Group.

In 2002, in occasion of Albanian Royal Family coming from exile, Alsig Company created, for the first time in Albania, the model of the private executive protection service. In this field Alsig maintains its leader position, implementing a professional training and performance of executive protection. Is not by chance that the Executive Protection group of Kosovo Prime Minister, was trained from Alsig Company Also foreign citizens are being trained at our company, and actually they work as executive protection in Afghanistan.

Also our company, for the first time, has created a unique and rare performance in the entrance managing of the football fun crowd in our country main stadiums like Shkodra, Elbasani, Durresi ecc.where there has been implemented a new concept of entrance crowd managing, with a new organizing system of forces, the implementation of the cameras in the entrances, and the disciplining of the crowd movement through guiding object installation.

Alsig Company posses the “Tans-Security” company, which is specialized with the escorting and guarding of monetary values during the transportation from private and public costumers, that also has a 5 years experience in that field.

Recently our company has founded the Anti-Explosive unit, with the participation of the best staff of this field in Albania, trained in countries like, U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia ecc and also having a long working experience. This unit also involves especially infrastructures and anti-explosive dogs. This Unit is the first private enterprise regarding anti-explosive field in our country.

With its initiative, Alsig, in collaboration with Comport International,(PR Company) and Albanian Institute for Public Relations, has organized and sponsored a national study, poll and seminar with the topic : “The business Security in Albania”.

Alsig Company also has very important partnerships in the international security site, with companies like BRINK’S Incorporated, one of the oldest and biggest worldwide security company, where it has a contractual agreement to cover all the national objectives of Brink’s in Albania. Our company is the official representatives of IBA (International Bodyguard Association) in Albania, the biggest world wide bodyguard association, and has the exclusivity to organize the IBA-Albania branch.

Aiming to preserve its elite security service in Albania and in coherence with most advanced international standards “Alsig” company offers for the first time in Albania the Supervising and Audit service of security and supervising for different processing and activities of big Albanian and foreign companies. In this service are included companies or airlines companies, where the security and its management is a priority, to prevent property loss or damage and increase the company revenue as well.

In this service the “Alsig “company engages its most qualified staff, ensuring high security standards, honesty and confidentiality. All the activity is based in the best quality international standards ISO 9001: 2000.

Alsig also has collaboration with Sag Service Company, an Italian security company with international extension, for reciprocity of security services on both countries.

Also Alsig has signed a contract with COBRA AUTOMOTIVE one of the world leader GPS tracking company regarding Theft Roaming Vehicle tracking in Albania. Also we have a cooperation with TELTONIKA regarding GPS/GSM fleet managment.

HOCHIKI International, the World Class Leader in Fire Detection, trusted ALSIG as official distributor of its production for Albania. With Hochiki International, Alsig’s international partner list, becomes more & more prestigious.

Alsig Company posses the certification of international quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, Released from DNV International (Det Norske Veritas) Certificate nr. 31537-2008-AQ-HRV-SINCERT