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“Alsig” Company has established for the first time in Albania a Modern Operating Centre with electro signal system installed in the object to obtain services by the Operating Centre.

    • In case of threat just pressing a button and within 3-6 minutes the “Alsig” Intervention Group with be in your object to give the necessary protection and assistance. This due to your access in “Alsig” Counter Threat Service.
    • In case you are far from your shop or your house, and thieves attempt to steel or damage your property, the installed detectors of “Alsig” Counter Theft Service, gives signals in the Operating Centre and in a record time schedule with take place the threat neutralization and protection of your property.
    • The Fire threat can be avoided quickly if you benefit from “Alsig” Counter Fire Service and install in your property signal equipments. In that case the “Alsig ” Operating Centre is ready to call the Intervention Group which comes with its transportation means to avoid the damage and the Operating Centre calls immediately the Fire Brigade Service.

For a full range service the company has in disposition for its staff, the adequate equipments for protection where are included modern fire and neuro-paralizer ammunition, used effectively from “Alsig” staff due to high technical and psychological training.